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We offer ALL Akron House residents transportation services to and from work, to the grocery store, to meetings, to IOP and more!

Baton Rouge Sober Living House


Our main service is to provide safe, drug and alcohol free, fully furnished sober living homes for men and women located in Baton Rouge, who are in recovery from drug or alcohol addiction.  

At Akron House, you will find that the newcomer is the most important person.  We strive to help all of our residents succeed. Some unique things we offer in our six houses are: transportation services and weekly, 98 panel lab testing.

Our Baton Rouge based sober living community consists of six total houses, each being gender specific.  We have 3 men's sober living houses, 2 women's sober living houses and 1 for women with children.  Four of our houses are located on the same block in the Sherwood Forest neighborhood, the other 2 are located a few streets over, and are only 2 houses apart.  Come recover with us in our very own community.


Dustin B

I lived at Akron for almost a year and it was life changing.  Because of Akron I have a successful career and  I finally got my life back, I learned the tools necessary to live my life independently.  Management at Akron really cares about each resident.  Akron House is a place where change happens IF you're willing to do the work it's an amazing place to focus on yourself and your sobriety. 


Janey L

I moved into Akron when I was about 5 months sober, they took me in and gave me an opportunity to help run one of their houses.  While I was at Akron they supported me through every obstacle I endured, I met with a sponsor weekly as well as sponsees.  I'm always grateful for Akron because they were there for me when I went through my transition of getting my son back.  It was the scariest time of my sobriety.  Today I have been out of Akron for 8 months and being a full time mother in recovery.  If you're willing to put the work you will succeed, I'm glad I was able to be in aplace with people who truly care about me and my sobriety.


Tara B

I moved into Akron at around 6 months sober.  I got sober here in Louisiana but returned to Jersey for a few months after loosing my sister to an overdose.  Akron took me in with loving and open arms.  I got through my sisters death with the help and support of my fellowship in AA and Akron.  I moved out after a year sober into my own place and have maintained the same job, friends, fellowship and a learned how to live a  happy and healthy life through the ups and downs that get thrown at us.  Akron has blessed me with some life long friends and tools I need to handle any situation thrown at me.

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