Akron Women's Houses

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We have 2 houses for women without children, as with our other houses, they are located on the same block. Rent is $130 a week, we do not charge any move in fees or deposits.

Akron House LA's women's houses are located in the Sherwood Forest neighborhood close to Florida Blvd.  Convenient to bus routes and lots of Baton Rouge businesses.

Our first house features 2800 sq feet of living area. This house holds 11 girls and features 5 single bedrooms for our senior members.

Our second house is newly renovated, features 2400 sq feet of living area and accommodates 10 girls.  There are 2 single bedrooms for our senior members and 4 VERY spacious double bedrooms.

We also 2 single rooms at our women & children's house.  For more information, please click here.