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ABout Us

Akron House has 6 sober living houses located in Baton Rouge.  We have 3 houses for men, 2 houses for women and a house for women with children.  We really strive to make every newcomer the most important person and every resident will feel at home as soon as they walk through the door.

Akron House is a locally owned and operated Sober Living business that helps people who are suffering with the disease of addiction. Through our experience, we have first hand knowledge as to how alcoholism and drug addiction can be managed.

We have found that there is nothing like an alcoholic helping another alcoholic. Through the twelve-steps of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and other twelve-step programs, we can find peace and serenity as we have never known before. We offer this message of hope whenever possible to all who suffer from addiction.

Let us help you as you begin the journey to new found freedom. Remember, we are not a treatment facility, but more like a family of people who all suffer from a similar disease and have found a way of successfully managing our lives to achieve a better future.


w&C Rules

akron map.JPG

Akron House Community, located in the Sherwood forest neighborhood of Baton rouge.

The 6 pink markers with hearts represent our house locations.  4 are on the same block and the other 2 are a few streets over, 2 houses apart.


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