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Our home is like any other home, the only difference is that we have rules, structures, and support that help individuals build a life that is incredibly more wonderful than the life they once lived. 

We provide a temporary living space for a person to get their life back on track, while they learn how to stay clean and slowly transition back to every day life.

For people in recovery and undergoing treatment for addiction, one of the major ingredients for success is simple, but sometimes hard to find — housing.

Finding sober living arrangements for people recovering from addiction is often key to staying sober after rehab.

At Akron House LA, we provide the next step to maintaining sobriety, after receiving treatment with our comfortable sober living homes in the Baton Rouge  area.

Not only do you not have access (to addictive substances), but you also have ... peer-based support

Any person who sincerely desires a change of life can find help, hope and healing through our homes. One of the major challenges for someone recovering from addiction is to attempt recovery in an unsafe environment. Those who have completed treatment programs need a safe - clean and sober - environment to continue their program in order to achieve success.Society as a whole has been hard pressed to find a solution to deal with the problem of drug addiction. Most of these men and women will be imprisoned, locked up and forgotten. Many will spend entire lifetimes in prisons with little help from a system that can not or will not deal with the problem. We also see individuals spending years of their lives in mental hospitals and institutions. And finally, we see many others that will die from this disease.Sober living housing offers inexpensive and stress free accommodations in return for acceptance of a certain code of conduct. Transitional housing after rehab is for the person who is worried about finding a place to live after rehab, for anyone without a single sober friend or family member they can rely on. A period of sober living housing can shield from the worst of temptations and allow recovering addicts to get back into full society as they are ready to do so and at their own pace.

Weekly rent includes all house supplies (coffee, sugar, creamer, toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning supplies, laundry detergent, etc), as well as all utilities (we have digital cable and wifi).  We do not charge for drug tests and there are no other fees associated with living in our houses.  The main goal of Akron House is to help recovering addicts get on their feet.  We do this by not over crowding our  houses, offering rules and guidance preparing residents for their future and keeping the living costs as low as possible.  95% of our residents that voluntarily leave Akron House, move on to the next step of their life, which is having their own home.

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